4K Screenshot Showcase: Trine 2

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Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

A 2011 release, Trine 2 is remembered as one of the most lavishly produced platformers ever. Each area is awash with vivid greens and yellows and purples, as if the developers Frozenbyte's primary aim was to hit every single angle on the colour wheel. Whether it's a sun-drenched tropical paradise, fog-enshrouded churchyard, or greasy-walled dungeon illuminated by glowing slime and torchlight, it's essentially end to end graphics all the way. It makes for a richly saturated sugar rush of a game, sometimes sickly but no less sweet.

Tesla Effect delayed by two weeks, now releasing May 7th

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Were you looking forward to Tex Murphy's grand return to the sci-fi gumshoeing circuit on April 22nd (AKA 'tomorrow')? Well I have some bad news: Tesla Effect has been delayed to May 7th, for reasons of...actually, no reason was given, but I'm assuming it has something to do with an FMV dame, or a shiny MacGuffin. It usually does.

Citizens of Earth picked up by Atlus, coming to a planet near you this September

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We previewed the seemingly pretty cromulant Citizens of Earth way back in January 2013, but the short version is that it's an Earthbound-ish indie RPG that puts you in the role of Vice President of the World, a position currently held by Noel Edmonds I believe. It's obviously not the usual elvey prophecy-laden fantasy affair, so it was sad to see its Kickstarter campaign fall so short of its admittedly rather steep target back in October. Thankfully, Atlus have stepped in and offered to publish the game (they're doing a similar thing with the new Tex Murphy, although that game did reach its KS target). Citizens of Earth is now on track for a September release, and has a new, Atlus-emblazoned video as proof. See it with your own eyes after the break.

Daylight delayed until April 29 so it can be scarier

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The lead-up to Daylight has really managed to make it seem like more than just another first-person horror game. It’ll be one of the first major releases to use Unreal Engine 4, has procedurally generated levels, interesting Twitch integration (by way of meowing cats) and other interesting ideas. It’s also going to cost just $15 (or $10 if you pre-order), so it would have been easy to pick up out of curiosity alone. However, Zombie Studios announced that it has pushed the game's release date back to April 29 to add one thing it was missing: more scares.

Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game Daylight out on April 8

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Last month, Epic Game’s EU territory manager Mike Gamble said that the first major titles built in the company’s Unreal Engine 4 will release on PC as soon Christmas 2014, with more coming in the first quarter of 2015. But today, Zombie Studios announced that its first-person procedurally generated horror game Daylight, also built with UE4, will be out April 8.

Daylight trailer shows only darkness in its procedural tunnels of horror

Phil Savage at

Daylight /ˈdeɪlaɪt/, noun. 1) The light from the sun. 2) A dreary, atonal dirge by musical grey trousers Coldplay. Despite that, this trailer for procedurally generated horror game Daylight contains no hint of either. Instead, the prevailing darkness is joined by a creepy voice, a bible, and a scary lady for a steep rollercoaster of terror.

Zeno Clash 2 gets Frame-rate Challenge Mode, pitting your GPU against wireframe hordes

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The quirky brawler and all-around weird game Zeno Clash 2 is getting some additions today to the tune of Steam Trading Card support and two new game modes. Coliseum Challenge Mode introduces a wave-based scenario with no limit on the number of allies, while the Frame-rate Challenge Mode will seek a new opponent: your PC.

Zeno Clash 2 review

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Much like its predecessor, Zeno Clash 2 is a game about proving that melee combat can be more than just something to fall back on when you’re out of ammo. You don’t just punch and kick, but dodge an incoming blow and ram a fist into your enemy’s unsuspecting head. You charge with an elbow slam. You grab a foe to pummel and throw into the clutches of pain. All in a world whose idea of concept art must have been a Post-It note saying ‘Buy more drugs’.

Procedural horror game Daylight will see the light of day early next year

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We've shown off screenshots and a trailer of the armpit-dampening Daylight before, but now's the first time we can attach a release window to forthcoming thrills. Having gained the attention of publisher Atlus, Daylight's now secured its release for the first quarter of 2014.

Zeno Clash 2 gameplay walkthrough makes you question your own sanity

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw the stumpy man-chicken thing with a painter's palette attached to his bottom lip. You saw it too? Thank the gods, I thought one of the other editors had slipped laboratory chemicals into my coffee. If you can make it through this Zeno Clash 2 gameplay demo with your mind intact, you'll get a look at some of the combat improvements, and the new, open world areas in the unabashedly bizarre sequel.

God Mode releases April 19th, shoot waves of absurd hellbeasts with friends

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God Mode is out on Steam on April 19th for $10/£7. It's a diabolical four-player co-op shooter which spits magnetized hellbeasts at you—the kind you describe by cursing what they do, like "those ******* flaming axe throwing bastards"—until you either kill them all to advance or die trying. The tried-and-true horde survival mode has been outfitted with handicaps, mutators, customizable characters, and gun upgrades—I played it briefly a couple weeks ago, and it impressed me.

Zeno Clash 2 comes out swinging on April 30

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Has it always been you lifelong dream to punch a giant crab in its stupid, oblivious face? In real-life that's not going to happen. We're just not experimenting enough in the field of rapid crustacean growth. Also you'd look a bit mean. People would stare. Luckily in Zeno Clash 2 those dreams look set to be fulfilled - and soon - as it's being released through Steam on April 30th.

Zeno Clash 2 screenshots show more of the weird world of Zenozoik

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Well this is confusing. Zeno Clash was a game about bashing in faces, but the screenshot above stars a man missing a person's most punchable features. If a man has no head, chest or groin, can he really be punched? This must be Zeno Clash 2's idea of a zen koan.

Rock of Ages multiplayer is free to play this weekend

Tom Senior at

Everyone's going to be running around as zombies and vampires this weekend. Why not spend Halloween as an enormous rock? Nobody will complain about your costume because who can argue with a big round rock? PLUS you get to crush your enemies beneath your big rolling body, as long as they're standing slightly downhill. Rock of Ages can fulfil these dreams, and can be played against humans for free until Sunday. Visit the Rock of Ages Steam page to download it and have a read of our Rock of Ages review while you wait.

Zeno Clash 2 announced! First-person brawler sequel features co-op, out next year

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Publisher Atlus has sent ACE Team's Zeno Clash 2 crashing through a window and into the wild in a sneaky pre-E3 announcement.

The stand-out new feature is full drop-in drop-out co-op for the campaign, which sees Ghat and his sister Rimat freeing Father-Mother from prison. Just like the original, it's looking uncannily, brilliantly bonkers. Giant stone hands! Weird bipedal bird lizard things!

The first-person melee combat mechanics pioneered by the first game have been refined, and there'll be new RPG features to allow you to customise how Ghat and Rimat go about punching freaky pig-men in the face. We've got the announcement screens below, including one that appears to show Ghat fighting a giant smiling blue man with a pirate beard. Wait no, that's exactly what it shows.

Trine 2 review

Jon Blyth at

Trine 2 is less of a sequel, and more radical cosmetic surgery. Frozenbyte have exploded the formula into a beautiful, rainbow-sodden spectacle. You don’t realise how few purple and green crystal-lit caverns there are out there, until you’re forced to stop and bask in one.

Trine is a fairytale platforming adventure, based around a magical floating sconce that’s bound together the souls of a wizard, a knight and a thief. The story itself is sweet enough – perfectly charming and a shade too earnest – but what really drives you, beyond the irresistible instinct in platformers to travel to the right, is the satisfaction that’s gained from solving the inventive physics-based puzzles.

Rock of Ages review

Tom Hatfield at

Nothing is sacred to Rock of Ages. Priceless Greek urn? Smash it. Beloved historical figure? Squish them. Tragic Greek myth? Illustrate it by having tiny demons poke a man in the bottom. Anything that stops you from rolling your rock to the end of the course is there to be flattened.

Trine 2 screenshots have evil mirror, evil moon, chaotic neutral octopus

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Trine was beautiful. Trine 2 looks even better. All of the new images on the Trine 2 site are detailed and vibrant enough to endure hours of fascinated staring. If you're looking for a new desktop background, here are nine candidates, showing a giant octopus, an Ork king, an extremely purple moon and a dragon. It's like an artist's dream down there. Just look at the colours. The co-op platformer is set to arrive in December.

Rock of Ages release date announced

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[bcvideo id="983771819001"]
Ballsy indie art-basher Rock of Ages has a release date, say VG247. We'll be smashing our way through art history on August 31 this year. Ten weeks is a mere stone's throw away. It'll be sphere in no time, in fact, but why not have a ball with the lovely Rock of Ages E3 trailer above while you wait? The developers told Joystiq Rock of Ages will go on sale for a price somewhere between $10 and $15. It looks utterly charming.

Trine 2 trailer has giant spiders and venus man traps

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The latest trailer for Trine 2 showcases more of the game's stunning fairytale environments, and some of the giant creatures who live in them. There are giant spiders, giant snails, giant plants and giant see-saw puzzles. Maybe the world isn't giant, maybe you're just really, really small. Anyhow, Trine 2 is an interesting prospect. The three-player co-op of the first game was brilliant in an experimental, 'accidentally killing your friends by trying to help them' sort of way. You can try it for yourself in the Steam demo. Hopefully the sequel can be just as fun when it's released later this year as a digital download. More on the Trine 2 site.