Antec double the pumps in latest liquid cooler

Dave James at

The Kühler H20 1250 is the latest in Antec's run of liquid-cooling setups. It’s a bulky, 240mm, closed-loop water cooler with a single water pump sitting atop each of the radiator’s fans. They reckon that doubling the water pumps should boost the cooling performance and increase the efficiency of that radiator.

I checked out the predecessor to the Kühler 1250 earlier this year in the paper edition of PC Gamer. The Kühler 920 suffered from a combination of issues, including awkward CPU mounts, buggy software and weak cooling performance. The biggest problem for the 920 was the length of time it took to return the CPU to its idle temperature - four minutes instead of the five seconds of the impressive Cooler Master Seidon 240.

Antec's halo 6 LED lighting makes monitors better

Adam Oxford at

As a fully paid up member of the glasses-wearing wearing gamers' club, anything that will allow me to stare at a computer monitor for longer before eye-strain kicks in sounds like a good thing. Which is why I'll be reviewing Antec's new soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit as soon as I can get one in.