Surgeon Simulator 2013 ARG solved, unlocks extraterrestrial surgery

Perry Vandell at

Developer Bossa Studios recently released a free update to Surgeon Simulator 2013 that added zero gravity surgeries while orbiting our dear sweet earth. But neatly tucked away in that update was an ARG named Codename: Trisha. A few keen surgeons-in-training cracked the code and carved a new path in the field of medicine: alien surgery.

Killing Floor: Aliens mod lets your friends hear you scream

Phil Savage at

We've now faced so many zombie apocalypses that it's amazing the shambling menace can elicit even the mildest increase in heartbeat. So while Killing Floor remains an enjoyable co-op FPS, any change to its morbid monsters is welcome. Especially when that change is in the form of in the form of H.R. Giger's face-smothering, acid-dripping, chest-bursting beasties.

Natural Selection 2 review

Craig Pearson at

It’s taken almost a decade for the Natural Selection 2 developers to bond an FPS to an RTS and make it work. The original mod was fun, but this sequel is a wonderful one-off, where asymmetrical teams fight on the ground while a commander prompts and preps from above. And although 90% of its audience will be buying it for the shooter, like the rug in The Big Lebowski it’s the RTS that ties it all together.

Aliens: Colonial Marines' Escape multiplayer mode will make you flee for your life

Omri Petitte at

The multiplayer portion of Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines seeks to offer a good time for both the Marines, who should learn to avoid dank, dimly lit facilities, and the Aliens, who very much enjoy hunting down and eviscerating those Marines. Today, publisher Sega announced a new mode called Escape. Just like it sounds, Escape challenges Marine players to an extraction point sprint as the Xenomorphs chomp at their heels with their acid-drooling mouth-in-mouth jaw things.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - an inside look with the Gearbox team

Chris Antista at

Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines has been gestating in the chest of development hell for some time, but thankfully, it’s finally burst forth from that metaphorical ribcage into the realm of hands-on playability. Care to see how the campaign is holding up the legacy of the classic films, or how the multiplayer is borrowing from the best parts of Left 4 Dead? Of course you do, so peep the video above for an inside look at Aliens: Colonial Marines with Randy Pitchford and the Gearbox team.

E3 2011: Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots are climbing out of their eggs

Rich McCormick at

They mostly come at night, mostly, but it's early afternoon in the UK, and new screenshots for Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines have just arrived. They show the co-operative shooter's glistening world, and remind us of two important things: wherever you go, there's an alien dangling behind your head, and they're coming out of the Goddamn walls, man. We'll bring you more information on the once-canned, now-alive game as soon as we've taken off and nuked the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.