Duke Nukem developer reveals cancelled Aliens shooter with online co-op

(Image credit: Sega)

We already know that Disney's acquisition of Fox denied us an Aliens FPS made by Cliff Bleszinski, in which Newt would have been the main character. But it turns out another Aliens game by Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms also fell victim to Disney's move. 

Frederik Schreiber, vice president of 3D Realms, replied to Bleszinski's tweets about his cancelled Aliens game to reveal his own (via VG247). Called Aliens: Hadleys Hope, it was a co-op game about colonists and marines who had to fight together to take down xenomorph queens. 3D Realms was going to co-develop it with Slipgate Ironworks, the studio now working on Kingpin Reloaded.

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Schreiber also provided images that further detailed the concept of Hadleys Hope. It was to be a story-driven PvE multiplayer adventure that would have been supported for years after its launch. Something like a live-service Left 4 Dead but with xenomorphs, then.

Players would have had to use team tactics to get through several levels of alien swarms before taking on a queen in her lair. There wouldn't have been just one queen to take down, but several, all spread across a single planet comprised of different environments for the missions to be set across.

Unfortunately, Disney's merger with Fox meant that Aliens: Hadleys Hope had to be cancelled despite being "quite far into pre-production." It seems that, along with Bleszinski's game, this would have been another of the Aliens games Fox wanted to develop after the success of Alien: Isolation.