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Antichamber sells 100K copies after two months on Steam

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Antichamber tied our brains into painful knots back in January, and its clever puzzles both drained our sanity and pulled a positive review out of our confusion. Since then, the indie head-scratcher has pulled some impressive initial sales—Polygon reports that it has sold over 100,000 copies on Steam.

Antichamber review

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Unlike Portal, there’s no test-subject narrative behind Antichamber, an austerely intellectual first-person puzzler from indie dev Alexander Bruce - but that doesn’t mean you aren’t under the microscope. As you wander the blinding white corridors of a space-bending facility, unpicking the cryptic clues within, you’re encouraged to think that your own psychological state is the real barrier to progress in the game’s interweaving, claustrophobic tunnels.

Antichamber's launch trailer throws convention out the window

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Antichamber is released tomorrow, which is handy, because I'd quite like to know what the hell's going on in this trailer. There's some serious stairway indecision, followed by lots of mind-melting matter manipulation. Aren't launch trailers supposed to explain things?

That, however, is Antichamber's hook. It's deceptively simple, but delights in turning your perception of the world against you. That's a brilliant concept, and one its great to see being explored in a place where time and space can be absolutely anything.

Antichamber will confuse your mind on January 31

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From what we've gathered so far of Alexander Bruce's psychedelic puzzler Antichamber, a number of recurring terms pop up: Brain-bending. Escher-like. Non-Euclidean. WTF JUST HAPPENED ARGGHH. They all properly illustrate Antichamber's wonderful abandonment of logic, but as a certain bald Matrix freedom fighter intoned, true understanding arrives after "seeing it for yourself." That becomes a reality on January 31 when Antichamber becomes available on Steam for a yet-undetermined price.