Dishonored kill sequence involves alarm baiting, spring razor powerslides

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The more players entreat Corvo's ruthlessness in Dishonored, the more tempted I become to sully my second full-stealth playthrough with a few slit throats and holed heads. Luckily enough, Dunwall's supernatural assassins enjoy sharing their exceptional moments of glory through recorded snippets of chaos. The murder spree shown here, executed by appropriately named player "Flakked," shows off some clever spring razor usage paired with the still-in-style powerslide. Take a look inside.

Tomb Raider lead writer sees "no reason" to avoid sensitive storytelling themes in games

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While fun is their primary goal, games often portray themes courting controversy as a means of conveying more meaningful and mature experiences. Crystal Dynamics' reboot of Tomb Raider pairs the franchise's staple action-heavy content with a younger, frightened, and more vulnerable Lara Croft -- human-like traits of weakness which came into focus after a particular scene within gameplay footage shown at this year's E3 included an apparent rape attempt on the battered explorer. Crystal Dynamics later quieted the ensuing public outcry by disproving any perceived themes of sexual assault, but in a new interview with GameSpot, Tomb Raider Lead Writer Rhianna Pratchett sees "no reason" why general game storytelling shouldn't touch upon sensitive topics.

Dishonored 6-kill combo would've felt right at home in The Matrix

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One of Dishonored's most oh-so-satisfying accomplishments is a Ghost and Clean Hands run, which rewards two Achievements for evading detection and performing non-lethal takedowns for the entirety of your time in Dunwall. The video here shows the complete opposite of that scuffed coin with the circular elimination of six guards in but a few seconds. And it looks simply amazing.

Dishonored designer hesitant over potential sequel

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The rotting city of Dunwall is filled with mystery, but Dishonored's dystopian depiction of the once-great industrial empire might be the only glimpse we get of Arkane's stealth- and steampunk-infused excellence. In an interview Kotaku, Dishonored co-Creative Director Harvey Smith stated he "can't say" whether he'd like a continuation of the neck-stabbing, maid-punting universe he helped design.

Magicka patch notes are just as hilarious as the actual game

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Arrowhead's fourth-wall-busting, spell-slinging adventure Magicka received a new entry in its arcane codex of patch notes today. But in true Magicka fashion, the fixed bugs and slight tweaks were cheekily presented alongside an abundance of flavor text carrying Arrowhead's snappy wit. Funny samples include "Fixed an issue with collision checks that resulted in multiple fall damage. Large Hadron Collider consulted, collisions now in check," and "Reduced the physical damage resistance of Enraged Goblin Warlocks. Let’s face it, Warlocks sound all-powerful, but they’re really just a bunch of pansies." Continue on for the full patch notes.

Assassin's Creed 3 trailer shows Connor's revolutionary arsenal

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Whenever Templar- and teacup-shattering woodsman Connor presents his business card, it's probably embossed with the honorary title of "walking armory." The killer's repertoire of deadly takedowns is more fluid than that of his predecessors, but that's mostly because whatever object gripped in Connor's rough hands -- an axe, a pair of tomahawks, rope darts, muskets, a wheel of cheese -- turns into someone's abrupt demise. Listen to a British commander warn his troops of the death stalking America's snowy forests in the trailer above, sensibly followed by the worst pep talk ever by way of threatening even more death should they fail their mission.

Dishonored's guards really hate mischievous maids, might have bionic legs

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Someone should lay off the whale oil. Corvo's frequent encounters with Dunwall's leery City Watch in Dishonored often affords eavesdrop opportunities if you're quiet enough, revealing supplemental mission info or glimpses into the political and social climate of the plague-wracked city. Or, in this case, a physical rebuke on a poor maid with such force to make King Leonidas quirk an eyebrow in awe.

How to set a custom FOV in Dishonored

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Dishonored offers PC gamers plenty of customization options, including a field of view slider to ensure maximum comfort for your masked eyes as you stalk the streets of Dunwall. However, the highest FOV setting allowed by the slider is 85. You can go higher - thanks to the resourcefulness of the community, there's now a short guide on creating a custom FOV setting in Dishonored.

Ubisoft laments "knee-jerk, uninformed" reactions to Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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Splinter Cell sneakster Sam Fisher regularly sticks to shadows like a cyborg ghost, but his obtrusively unstealthy antics during the E3 reveal of Splinter Cell: Blacklist divided fans over its depicted departure from the franchise's covert roots. Speaking to Eurogamer, Blacklist director David Footman believed "knee-jerk" and "uninformed" reactions piled too much focus upon the debut's "pow!" factor.

Arkane: Dishonored play testers "didn't know what to do," needed more hints

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Dishonored empowers would-be assassins with multiple angles of attack, but apparently some choices present themselves a bit more strongly than others: a Games On Net interview reveals developer Arkane plugged in a few more hints after players lost direction.

Sleeping Dogs' October DLC releases include street racing, SWAT, and strategic soldiers

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Undercover Detective Wei Shen's Triad shenanigans in Sleeping Dogs involve plenty of activities beyond strong-arming street vendors and butterfly-kicking random civilians, and he'll soon have more diversions at his disposal. Developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix plan a bevy of DLC content in October to furnish the open-world action-adventure with additional racing activities, cop missions, and weapons across five content packs releasing throughout the month.

Dishonored trailer shows even more creative assassinations, rat mines

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Sticking a knife in someone's back? Poisoning their drink? Long-range crossbow sniping? They're all so passé. Dishonored's dreary dominion of Dunwall offers tons more bountiful opportunities for Corvo's clever kills, and this video presents members of developer Arkane recalling the most ingenious ability and weapon combinations they've seen, including mid-air possessions and rat suicide bombers.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD saunters onto Steam

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If you're currently caressing a well-worn crossbow loaded with a spider larger than your fist and a snarling fuzzball of teeth, then...actually, let's stop right there. We don't want to know. What we do know is the PC version of the knuckle-dusting adventure Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is now on Steam with a graphical overhaul and a price discount to boot. Now that's a deal any thrifty bounty hunter appreciates.

DLC news round-up: Dishonored assassins, Trine 2 goblins, and DCUO superheroes

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Rather than trickle them out, we've mashed three of today's DLC announcements into one hefty round-up post. Here are the details on extra content for Dishonored, Trine 2, and DC Universe Online.