Operation Supply Drop raises over $24,000 to get games to soldiers

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Operation Supply Drop, an organization that puts games and gaming hardware in the hands of soldiers deployed to combat zones as well as those receiving care in military hospitals, announced today that it has raised $24,736 so far as a part of its "Pixel Fireworks" fundraising drive - more than double its original fundraising goal. The drive, which you can still support through July 7, has already been backed by the likes of Epic, Ubisoft, and Wizards of the Coast.

FIFA 13 PC wins AbleGamers award for Accessible Mainstream Game of 2012

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The PC version of EA Sport's FIFA 13 has been lauded for its accessibility by AbleGamers, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping gamers with disabilities. The game received their Accessible Mainstream Game of 2012 honour for its adherence to the guidelines laid out in AG's Includification scheme.

AbleGamers' "Includification" offers games industry advice on accessible design

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If you're lucky enough to be gaming in perfect health, with perfect vision, perfect hearing and perfect teeth - though those probably aren't too important for most games - it's easy to forget that not everyone is. The more thoughtful developers put in additional help tools, like optional subtitles for sound effects as well as dialogue, or simply avoid the common blunders like using red and green indicators. Far too many however simply don't, either thinking it too expensive, or just forgetting to put aside the time.

AbleGamers has put together a special, free, booklet to cover what disabled gamers need - and just as importantly, why they're important. Download a copy here especially if you work in games.