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1001 Spikes will kill you 1001 times when it launches next month

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There’s nothing quite like that feeling of utter failure and anguish that only a hard-as-nails platformer can elicit. The latest in this star-studded canon comes in the form of 1001 Spikes, which is actually a revamp of a game dating back to 2011. This new edition offers a bunch of new levels and playable characters, but most importantly it offers a stunning array of new ways to die. And die you will: over and over again.

Starbound trailer teases environmental diversity, trees growing eyeballs

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How many biomes will Starbound have? Quite a lot, according to this teaser video for Terraria's sort of spiritual successor. Which naturally leads to a second question: when did we start referring to these things as "biomes" instead of "environments" or "terrain types"? Whatever they are, they'll be available in many shades, including snow, lava, desert and... eyeballs?

Rogue Legacy out now: a 2D roguelike about heroism and genealogy

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Rogue Legacy is what the developers call a "rogue-lite," which is, admittedly, a better descriptor than the awful roguelike-like. It's a side-scrolling hack 'n slash platformer that randomly generates its hazard-filled castle. In typical roguelike fashion, you will die a lot, and when you do, it's your children that continue the family business of heroing. As the trailer explains, those heirs can have some peculiar genetic traits.

N v2.0 released, adding new levels and local multiplayer to the hardcore platformer

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Let your attention drift from this video for even a moment and you'll miss the feature list for the updated N version 2.0, which is appended to a slightly maddening gallery of split second level shots. Think of it as a test. If you can't stay focused for the one minute and two seconds required to learn about the new levels, 2-player co-op, integrated level sharing and "Fun-lockables", you're going to have a really tough time progressing through the game itself.

Terraria update teased with pictures of a new biome - and a penguin

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Re-Logic continue to tease the surprise Terraria update announced earlier in the year. In a forum post, designer and artist "Jimmarn" provides screenshots of a new ice biome. Rather than the light snow smattering that covered previous cold-weather climates in the game, this update appears to add a full winter world - with everything from frosty caverns to penguins.

Runner 2 trailer sprints to the finish ahead of tomorrow's launch

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I had a complicated relationship with the original Bit.Trip Runner, both really enjoying it and being hopelessly frustrated by it at the same time. The last few levels caused more vitriolic cursing than any other game I can recall. The sequel, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, is released tomorrow. Yay?

Tom Hall launches new Kickstarter campaign for a 2D platformer creator

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A Valley Without Wind out now, demo available

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Version 1.0 of procedurally generated 2D explorathon, A Valley Without Wind, is out now on Steam and directly from the developers, Arcen. It casts you as a wandering adventurer on a mission to take down the powerful Overlord of the realm. You can wander into his chambers at any time, but he'll reduce you to a gooey smear in moments if you confront him right away. Exploring the world, saving citizens, building villages and defeating monsters will grant you the equipment, spells and enchantments needed to take him down.

BEEP review

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Think of Beep as a quantum physicist wearing tie-dye trousers: it’s clever with the physics, but not so easy on the eyes.

Capsized review

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I’ve got to get to my crewmate! I’m flying through the jungle canopy toward his transponder when a spear bursts from the undergrowth. I dodge it with a burst from my jetpack, spin, and snipe the head from the masked native who hurled it. This leaves me facing the wrong way, heading fast for a wall. I ram a baby pincer-blob out of the way, fire my grapnel at a passing outcrop, and use my momentum to swing up the wall toward the transponder signal. And into a huge pack of pincer-blobs of all sizes. The screen cracks as I’m devoured.