Skyrim mods downloaded 13 million times on Steam. Which mods are the most popular?

T.J. Hafer


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Bethesda tweeted a tidbit today to make our Skyrim-playing console brethren even further jealous: a Thu'um-worthy 13.6 million PC mods have been downloaded to date, through Steam Workshop alone. That's almost as many dragon bones as I have gathering dust in the front cabinet at Breezehome!

In recognition of this colossal milestone, here are some of the most subscribed mods from the last month in Steam Workshop. Also, remember to bookmark our ever-updating list of the 25 best Skyrim mods !

1. Dragon Bone Weapons Complete

Dragonbone Weapons
Beat dragons to death with the carefully-sculpted marrow of their dead relatives!
Ever wondered why you can't take that huge stack of dragon bones you've already crafted a full set of armor for yourself and your housecarl with, and put them to further use? This mod lets you craft blunt and pointy objects of all shapes and sizes with them , to match your fashionable hauberks and pauldrons. According to the mod's creator: “The purpose of the mod is to make the Dragon Bone Smithing perk worth getting after Deadric Smithing and the weapons are meant to fit in as seamlessly as possible with Bethesda's original Dragon Bone armor.”

2. Sabre Cat Companion

Sabre Cat Companion
Just be sure never to tell him he can't has cheezburger.
Long-time Skyrim adventurers likely remember those moments at lower levels when one of these nasty beasties would jump out of the brush at you, and you would be forced to promptly turn and run for the nearest clean pants merchant. Wouldn't it be great to have one that fights for you for a change? Well, with this mod, you can has! Your loyal sabrecat will meet up with you at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, complete with follow, wait, and go home commands.

3. Dovahkiin Relaxes Too

Dovahkiin Relaxin'
So, do you come to this fire often?
For those always looking to wring a little extra roleplaying immersion out of Skyrim, this mod allows you to engage in many of the idle animations previously restricted to NPCs . Using a new, context-sensitive shout power called Dovahkiin's Relax, you can lay down in a bed, pantomime eating a shank of something while sitting, lean up against a wall, warm your hands at a fire, and much more!

4. Pure Waters

Pure Waters
Avoid being blinded by overly-shiny water!
This mod seeks to make all of Skyrim's lakes, streams, and coastlines look nicer , and more accurate to what you would expect to find in the cold, mountainous region the game is named for. The description touts color enhancements, unique textures for different water types, removal of “too glossy” water in some areas, and better underwater perspective filters.

5. Plant Trees

For the environmentally-conscious Dragonborn, this mod adds a new vendor outside of Whiterun selling tree seeds . Once placed in the world, they will sprout as saplings and steadily grow larger over time. Fully-grown trees will even drop seeds of their own, and eventually die.

6. Helmetless Warrior

Helmetless Nord
Why would you want to hide a mug like that?
I always find it a shame to hide my strapping Nord's mane of luscious, flowing, golden hair behind some ugly piece of dragonbone that looks like it fell off of a Power Rangers villain. This mod adds an extra set of helmets to the smithing menu that have the same stats as the existing ones, but don't show up on your character model . Now you don't need to choose between protecting your head from incoming projectiles and being a hit with the ladies!

Is popularity of a mod a good indication of quality? How do you find cool, new mods to spruce up your Skyrim experience?

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