Planetside 2 beta stats sum up front line fatalities: 535m shots fired, 6.3m players dead

Tom Senior


Planetside 2 beta players have been working hard to obliterate each other for the past few weeks. According to stats that SOE sent over, the average beta tester puts in two hours of active service a day. More than eight billion points of damage have been dealt out courtesy of 194.6 million shots on target. Basically, it's hell out there. Which is perfect. We need our troops sharp and ready for action when Planetside 2 finally goes live.

Geta sense for the ferocity of the fighting so far from the following list of large, large numbers.

  • 8.5 billion points of damage done to players

  • 5.8 billion points of damage done to vehicles

  • 535 million shots fired

  • 194.6 million shots hit

  • 6.3 million player deaths

  • 2.3 million rockets launched

  • 571 thousand grenades thrown

  • Empire allegiance breakdown:

  • Terran Republic: 34.67%

  • New Conglomerate: 32.96%

  • Vanu Sovereignty: 32.37%

If you're not in the beta yet, sate your war lust with the latest Planetside 2 trailer , and Tyler's Planetside 2 preview .

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