Pillars of Eternity release date set for "winter 2014", lovely ruins and "druid cat form" teased

Tom Senior

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Update 72 of Pillars of Eternity's regularly updated Kickstarter development blog has a statement from "newest producer" Rose Gomez saying Obsidian are "looking good to release Eternity by Winter 2014". It seems so far away, but the cold season is a good time to settle into a massive, sumptuous RPG.

We're quite excited about Eternity. We spent ten minutes yesterday crowded around a screen looking at the reassuringly detailed map , pointing at places like the "Lake of Drowned Tombs" and "Fort Bonepicker" and saying "I'm going to explore the hell out of that". Obsidian have been dropping occasional screenshots into their Kickstarter update feed to provide a sense of how the old ruins and murky dungeons will look in the final game. Click on each environment below, and imagine tiny fantasy warriors moving around like magical figurines. If you have some old dice nearby, give them a roll, just to get in the mood.

For more on Pillars of eternity have a read of our latest preview .

Also, as a bonus, the model for the Druid's shapeshifted "cat" form why not.

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