Pillars of Eternity character sheet revealed, is full of delicious stats

The character sheet tells you pretty much all you need to know about an RPG. Is it riddled with acronyms such as ATK, DEF, LCK, ABC or XYZ? Does it list your character's Active Effects, their class, even their biography? Most importantly, does it feature a cool portrait of them looking all haughty/moody/demented? If the answer is no, there's a good chance you're playing Mass Effect 2. If the answer is yes, however, you're likely playing an old-fashioned RPG such as Pillars of Eternity , which is weird as it's nowhere near finished. Obsidian's latest blog update offers a work-in-progress glimpse of its beautiful character sheet, along with a big old environmental screenshot of an ancient Engwithan ruin near the city of Twin Elms. Look at it up there - you just know some giant fight is going to break out at some point.

Without further ado, here's an image of that character sheet:

You'll notice that, like the Infinity engine games of old, it features an Export button, letting you save the character to your hard drive for posterity, or to import them into another instance of the game. It's the clearest (visual) sign yet that Obsidian are heading down the right track with their Planescape: Torment spiritual successor.

The blog post also showed off an in-engine enemy character, revealing just how close the team are sticking to the concept art. Say hello to the Cean Gŵla. Hi, Cean Gŵla! You don't seem all that friendly, actually.

You'll be pleased to hear that work on Pillars' "mega-dungeon" Od Nua is now complete. Thanks, VG247 .

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