Oknytt explores the dark forest of Swedish folklore as a puzzle adventure game

Ian Birnbaum


Oknytt , the debut project from Swedish developer Nemoria Entertainment , is shaping up to be a gorgeous point-and-click adventure romp through the deep dark woods of Norse folklore. As revealed by a new trailer, Oknytt will lead the player through a dark world full of puzzles and flashes of color and light.

Oknytt, which translates from Swedish as “Goblins” (thanks, Google!), are small creatures with a penchant for trickery in Norse mythology. Oknytt will put the player in control of one creature as it searches for somewhere to belong.

A key factor in the puzzle gameplay will be a rune wheel of four symbols, each controlling a different element around the player. According to the website, “figuring out what the runes can be used for and how to utilise their effect on the environment” will be central to solving the puzzles in Oknytt.

The art on display is already remarkable in how it plays with shades of gray. Thanks to lots of different layers of dark, when a spot of color or light does show up, it really pops. In a press release, the dev team cites Swedish illustrator John Bauer as a major influence.

We'll keep an eye on Oknytt as it moves through development. No release date has been announced so far.

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