New Witcher 3 screenshots show strange monsters, open world

Patrick Carlson


New screenshots from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have surfaced, giving us a closer look at CD Projekt RED's upcoming open-world RPG. Geralt of Rivia is back, of course, and we see in the new shots the beauty and dark violence that permeate the Witcher universe (hat tip Cvgworld , via EDGE ). While the winged creatures are definitely reminiscent of the ubiquitous—but menacing—harpies from the Witcher 2, it's the incredible four-legged monster with giant antlers that caught my eye.

Geralt, at his core a solitary and brooding mutant, seems to be plying his trade once more: solving problems that human beings can't seem to deal with, most often involving mysterious and deadly beasts lurking just out of sight somewhere. It seems that matter what kind of bizarre political intrigue Geralt and his friends find themselves wrapped up in, his DNA as a superhuman monster hunter remains intact.

Of course, now that we have heard there are possibly 36 different endings to the third chapter, maybe anything is possible. Geralt as mayor of Vizima? Maybe it's time to tune up my game saves from Witcher 1 and 2. It's already one of our most anticipated games of E3 , but for more on the game that will absolutely not require DRM , check out our in-depth first look at the Witcher 3.

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