New Witcher 3 screenshots make our PCs quietly weep

Tom Senior


The Witcher 3 is looking great. I'm excited. We're all excited. But where's that muffled sobbing coming from? Is it Ben? No, it's my machine. It knows, like me, that The Witcher 3 will not look like these screenshots when I try and run it in December. Those moody swamp lands, rife with jaggies, will stumble out of the monitor at a rate of ten, perhaps 12 frames per second, spoiling what should be a sumptuous, low fantasy RPG.

For a graphics card, to look upon a Witcher 3 screenshot is to know the inevitability of your impending obsolescence. You might want to cover your rig with a sheet, then, before you click through to see the three new Witcher 3 screenshots.

As always, click 'em to big 'em up. For real human words about The Witcher 3, check out our most recent preview .

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