New game mode coming to builder/shooter Brick-Force lets you construct mid-deathmatch

T.J. Hafer


Brick-Force, a team-based shooter that features a Minecraft-esque building engine that lets players construct and alter the map before a match starts, is receiving a fairly hefty update to its beta in the near future. Incoming features include a redesigned UI and a new game mode that lets both teams continue to build onto their LEGO-like forts after the deathmatch action starts.

A mock-up of the game's upcoming, cleaner UI

"Our aim is to simplify Brick-Force's menus, helping with accessibility and user-friendliness," the devs say in the patch notes. In addition, they plan to add new brick types to the game, including "special themed bricks, such as Sci-Fi or Wild West."

You can register for the beta right now at , although your currently need a friend key from someone already in the beta to get in. This thread on their official forums may help you get one.

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