New Arma 3 screenshots

Evan Lahti


Handed to us exclusively, here's another look at Limnos , the Arma 3ification of the actual (and not Iranian-occupied) Greek isle of Lemnos . A three-shot burst of new screenshots are inside. Fall back to my recent Arma 3 preview when you're done, if you'd like.

An Iranian soldier aims a marksman rifle from the top of a checkpoint tower.
The city of Kaminia, viewed from the East.
These new guard towers (also pictured in the first screen) could influence gameplay a lot. Defensible elevated structures arguably don't currently exist in Arma 2.

If you're looking for some moving pictures to chew on, here's a recent Arma 3 artillery and support video that showcases how Bohemia's taking an arguably complex system (calling in fire support) and maybe-hopefully making it more user-friendly.

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