Monkey Island's insult sword-fighting playable for free in your browser

Phil Savage


Monkey Island's famous insult sword-fighting section was a memorable mixture of excellent puzzle design and charming, folksy put-downs. Now, thanks to modder Karza , you can expand your rapier repartee in this playable browser-based HTML5 port of the minigame.

Never played The Secret of Monkey Island? Insult sword-fighting was a way around the problem of adventure gaming being crap at combat, instead putting the emphasis on the banter of the battle. Each pirate you face has a selection of jibes and witty comebacks, and, through the process of continuous defeats, Guybrush copies each call-and-response, becoming a better swordsman in the process. It's an elegantly designed puzzle and, thanks to being completely removed from the game's more traditional verb wheel-oriented segments, works perfectly well as a standalone game.

The game contains insult sword-fighting from both Secret of Monkey Island and the third game, Curse of Monkey Island. Play it here . Just don't be tempted to repurpose the remarks for your day-to-day life. I can't think of many offices where suddenly shouting "how appropriate, you type like a cow!" would be warmly received.

Hypothetical time! If you could pick one segment of any game for standalone browser-based treatment, what would it be?

Thanks, Eurogamer .

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