League of Legends getting colourblind mode in upcoming patch

Tom Senior


League of Legends - purple toro

This is a nice bit of news from the League of Legend site . Riot Games are planning to introduce a colourblind mode aimed at helping players with red/green colourblindness.

The NHS say that colourblindness affects one in 12 men and one in a hundred women, which means the update will help out a significant number of League of Legends 11 million active players . The new colourblind mode is just the sort of thing we'd like to see more from developers, especially in games like League of Legends where mistaking one ability for another can mean the difference between life and death (in the game).

Riot have posted some interesting images that demonstrate what League of Legends currently looks like for red/green colourblind players, and how the new vision mode will solve the problem. They also say they're planning to update the alternative colour schemes for those with other forms of colour blindness in future patches. You can find those images below.

League of Legends as it appears to those who aren't colourblind.

League of Legends as it appears to red/green colourblind players.
The new vision mode to be added in an upcoming update.
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