Homefront: The Revolution's heartfelt ending message hints at development woes

Is there another sequel on the horizon?

After a long, troubled development, Homefront: The Revolution is finally finished. The game was released on Tuesday in the US and hits Europe tomorrow, but a few people have already finished it. And after the credits roll, there's a heartfelt message from studio head Hasit Zala.

"Homefront has been in development for just over four years," he says. "And the path has not always been a smooth one." He then cites several reboots, the original publisher going into liquidation, and the development studio changing ownership as hindering the creation of the game.

"To create a game of this size and complexity with a relatively small team is a remarkable achievement," Zala adds. "For those that we lost along the way, I would like to thank you all for your contributions. Then he ends by saying that Homefront is "just the beginning".

The success of Homefront: The Revolution will almost certainly determine whether it gets a sequel, but it seems Nottingham-based developer Dambuster is already making plans for the future.


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