Hitman's Elusive Target stats prove that the best killers are on PC

Don't be too proud of your efforts, though.

The first Hitman Elusive Target has come and gone, and just over half of the digital assassins who took on the job—53 percent, to be precise—managed to avoid screwing it up. Even more shamefully, less than ten percent earned the “Silent Assassin” rating, the mark of a true master. There is a ray of sunshine cutting through all the clumsy, Clouseau-like darkness, however: The best Hitmen in the world are all on the PC. 

Numbers don't lie: 

Io Interactive said it's still digesting the data and deciding how it will adjust future Elusive Targets, but promised that more will be coming. Here's hoping we can all be little more professional about it the next time around. 

(But hey, don't feel too bad about your ham-fisted hits: 50 percent of PC Gamer editors botched the job, too.)    


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