Help: The Game bundles new games from famous devs, for charity

Buy this bundle of game jam games and you'll support War Child.

11 developers, including Creative Assembly, Rovio, Team 17 and Sumo Digital, participated in a six-day-long charity game jam recently, making puzzle, adventure, local multiplayer and other types of games. The resulting, varied titles have now been bundled into the Help: The Game collection, a 12-game-strong assortment made in conjunction with War Child, a charity that helps children affected by war.

You can buy Help: The Game on Steam, and if you do, all the profit will go to the charity. The games include Anthelion, a vibrant arcade game from Rovio; Team 17 puzzler 10 Minute Tower; Torn Banner's Nevermine - "a ball rolling game where you guide a Mine Kafon onto unexploded bombs" - and Modern Dream's Savana, a point-and-click adventure based on "real life experience of growing up in Mozambique".

The bundle of 12 games will set you back only £9.99. Here's a video detailing how the bundle came about:


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