"Gift Scene Investigation" - PC Gamer's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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*holds hard hat to chest, emits single tear*

A flash of light. A shower of gifts. A tangle of broken antlers. What happened on that fateful evening? Last night, an unidentified aircraft splashed into the bay bordering PC Gamer's office, scattering a trail of gamer-friendly gifts upon our lawn. We may never know if it was aurora borealis, a particularly aggressive wind, or PC Gamer's rooftop anti-sleigh missile battery that claimed the vehicle from the sky.

When our Important Red Telephone rang, our intrepid editors sprang into action, donning their accident investigation gear to examine the vehicle's precious cargo, which we've documented within.

Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton recovers evidence.
Step one: secure the perimeter and flag all debris.

Star Wars AT-AT, $100, Hasbro

If a team of nine of these two-foot-tall quadrupedal Imperial war machines had towed Santa's sleigh, disaster might've been averted.

Left 4 Dead Boomer Plush, $35, Valve Store

L4D's rotundest undead doubles as a floatation device and adorable, poison-filled pillow.

Belkin Conserve Insight, $30, Belkin

This electro-middleman monitors the power impact made by your PC in dollars or in watts.

WoW Wallet, $25, Wowhead Store

Even if all that's ever found of you is your wallet, your allegiance to The Horde will never be in dispute.

Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying, $30, Green Ronin

Dungeons & Dragons is one of our after-work vices here at PC Gamer, but we can't help but think it'd be better in a universe we're heavily familiar with. (Josh, you get to play Morrigan. --Ed.)

Looxcie Camera, $200, Looxcie

Like a black box for your face, the Looxcie wearable camera sees what you see and records video--for four hours.

FroliCat Bolt, $35, FroliCat

Even when the owner's away, the cat will play. It's also the closest most of us will ever come to owning a laser turret.

Gunnar Phenom Eyewear, $99, Gunnar

If you're gaming right, the sun isn't the light source that's threatening your precious vision--it's your monitor. Shield your sockets from fatigue with Gunnar's shades.

Ergodex Triple Monitor Mount, $310, ErgoTech

If you're going to invest in three displays, frame them on a military-grade rack. Ergotech's steel backbones are sturdy enough to survive a crash, bumped desk, or minor seismic event.

An antler. A Nerf Gun. A tangle of lights. What does it mean?

Nerf Stampede ECS, $50, Hasbro

The Cold War of Foam proliferates each year as manufacturers introduce new products. The Stampede raises your standing in the suction cup arms race, packing an 18-dart-deep clip and a removable blast shield and bipod into durable Chinese plastic.

The Adventurers, $50, Alderac

This office favorite sees five would-be Indiana Joneses scouring a Mayan temple for treasure in a race against crushing walls, lava, and at least one man-flattening boulder.

Korg NanoKEY, $60, ThinkGeek

A wee USB-connected keyboard for sketching out tunes from the comfort of your cubicle.

Gorillamobile for iPhone/Android, $40, Joby

It's got me! A creepy alien hand has got me! Oh wait, it's a handy go-anywhere-stand-anywhere case for your mobile device.

Precision Autoloader Screwdriver, $14, ThinkGeek

A single screwdriver with six built-in bits, and an absolute must for anybody who's ever popped open the case of his or her PC.

Evan surveys a glove. Hold it together, Dan!

USB typewriter, $550, Etsy

Fact: Santa only accepts letters written on anachronistic peripherals. Wired-up to accept modern USB interfaces, this ancient instrument has all the tactile satisfaction of machinery without the need for ink.

VXT4W, $999, KRK Systems

The most hardcore developers spend weeks recording the report of a rifle. The most hardcore gamers spend a grand to hear them the way the developers did.

KP3 Touchpad Dynamic Effect Sampler, $350, ThinkGeek

You plug in your guitar, or your MP3 player, and move your finger around the touchpad to dynamically control the built-in effects. Once you hear what comes out, you'll never settle for unflavored music ever again.

World of Warcraft: The Board Game, $90, Fantasy Flight Games

It took an entire team of nerds to pick up the pieces--rife with detail for up to six players, the WoW board game includes 135 plastic figures, 450 cards, and 21 dice.

Litter Robot II, $330, Litter Robot

Avoid a catassing cataclysm this Christmas with a robotic litterbox that automatically stashes the goods out of nose's reach.

LED Work Gloves, $15, ThinkGeek

When you aren't fake-flying around your bedroom, arms-outstretched, pretending you're Iron Man, these illuminating gloves shine a light on your components when you're elbow-deep in your PC case.

Fuzion City Glide Scooter, $60, Fuzion Scooter

Traverse crash sites without leaving potentially-incriminating footprints behind. The wide wheelbase absorbs rugged sidewalks and office carpet alike.

Close inspection reveals a cache of black market weaponry among the wreckage.

LEGO BrickArms, $35, BrickArms

The modern plastic war man needs more than stock LEGO weaponry. Win the plastic arms race with these grenade launchers, bats, and .50 caliber sniper rifles.

USB Digital Eyepiece for Telescope, $100, ThinkGeek

Attaches to your telescope and turns it into an extraterrestrial webcam. Save photos and video of Ogg and Grogg to your PC!

LEGO Minifigures, $5, LEGO.com

Someone's going to have to take those exotic plastic arms into battle: it might as well be elves, sumo wrestlers, a hula girl, gorilla or other random plastic stereotype.

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