The Flock

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Indie
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US Release Date:
Age Rating: ESRB |

First person asymmetrical multiplayer horror is hardly a genre that rolls off the tongue but, given that the creatures you play in The Flock don't have tongues, it can probably be forgiven. You'll take the role of the darkness-loving mutant flock, roaming a post-apocalyptic 3000 AD. Your goal is to find the Light Artefact, which will turn the player into a Carrier, slowly transforming them into something more humanoid. As Carrier, you must hold the artefact a set amount of time to win the level. The remaining flock want to stop this, but the less agile Carrier has a defence mechanism: the light of the artefact, which can burn moving players, forcing them to remain frozen when the beam touches them. Can you use the light to triumph in this psychological online experience?

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The Flock trailer shows atmospheric asymmetrical online horror

The Flock trailer shows atmospheric asymmetrical online horror

This trailer for The Flock, an upcoming (deep breath) first person asymmetrical multiplayer indie horror, plays out in two parts. ...