Dragon Age executive producer clarifies "40 major endings" comment

Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee tweeted last week that the game will offer "40 major endings," each spiced with additional player-dependent variations. That's a serious cornucopia of endings, and a stark contrast to that other big BioWare RPG franchise that wrapped up on a somewhat less variable note. But BioWare's Mark Darrah stepped in shortly thereafter to clarify that 40 "major" endings does not mean 40 "unique" endings.

It's tricky to nail down exactly what constitutes a "major ending," but given the lingering anger over the end of the Mass Effect trilogy, Darrah, the executive producer on the Dragon Age franchise, fired off a tweet of his own to clarify the statement and, presumably, temper expectations.

That's fair, isn't it? And fine by me, too. I'll take a feeling of real influence on the course of a game's events over an arbitrary number of "unique" endings any day.


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