Crysis 3 screenshots tread deep into the urban jungle

Crysis 3's busy environments aim to strike a balance between the blazing beaches and steaming jungles of the first game, and the crisp tower blocks of the second. The results should hopefully provide an exotic middle ground between both titles, but the set dressing is less important than the size and inventiveness of the areas themselves. Crysis 2 funnelled your super suit's spectacular abilities down narrow channels signposted by giant gawking bits of UI lettering. Hopefully the third game will let us experiment a little more with the neat new toys, like the nano-bow, and the gun that fires 500 rounds a second.

These four screenshots, spotted on Evil Avatar , don't have the answers, but they are quite pretty. Take a look.

And here's the introductory trailer, if you'd like to see some more mobile images.

[VAMS id="HY0I6x8XY7Ucx"]


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