Corsair announces the Vengeance K70 fully-mechanical keyboard

Tyler Wilde

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Mechanical keyboards! They're great! Unless you don't like the click-clack, but even if you don't like the click-clack , they're great! They feel so good to use, really, and Corsair's new Vengeance K70 might become a contender. "It's more mechanical" says Corsair, meaning it uses Cherry MX Red switches (which actually aren't too clacky) under every key. It's also got lovely customizable backlighting and contoured WASD keys "so you can find them fast." Well, I think finding WASD is a skill most PC gamers don't need help with, but maybe it's more comfortable.

The K70 is a tweaked version of the K60 , and will be available in April for $130 MSRP, according to Maximum PC . It's not cheap, but that brushed aluminum chassis sure does look nice in photos. We look forward to giving it a test type.

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