Conquest of the Wizardlands adds Egyptian Magic, Communism to Dungeons of Dredmor

Evan Lahti


Dungeons of Dredmor (our favorite indie game of 2011, if you'll recall ) has fresh DLC. It's $3, and with the irreverence we'd expect, it adds a pile of absurd skill trees (Banksterism, Paranormal Investigator, Magical Law) and features (item storage in pocket dimensions, graffiti, Diggle Hell, equipment "Encrusting") into the game that domesticated the roguelike.

A list of new features and content, courtesy of Gaslamp Games :

  • Harness the expanded storage space of your very own Pocket Dimension where interdimensional gnomes probably won't steal all your crafting-junk.
  • Explore the Wizardlands by trading Wizarding Graffiti with your friends and enemies alike to gain access to the fractured extra-dimensional domains of the Wizards.
  • Encrust your Equipment with our powerful new Encrusting System! Upgrade weapons and armour with powerful crusts, offering special abilities and horrifying instability effects as crust is encrusted upon crust!

  • Tackle new foes from the terrifyingly fun Baron Samedi to the small and annoying Cloud Gremlins who shoot small and annoying lightning bolts at you! Beware the Monstrous Rutabaga, scourge of the Vikings, who will run you down at unexpected speed with their monstrous dash ability.
  • New Monstrous Menagerie and Trophy Room menu screens to compel you further toward obsessive collectivism!
  • Diggle Hell. It's a real place and you will go there if you are naughty. Beware the dark power of Vlad Digula!
  • A Whack of new skills: Communist, Bankster, Egyptian Magic, Magical Law, Paranormal Investigator, and Tourist!
  • The Dredmor community has also been cooperatively documenting its exploration of the DLC's eponymous feature: The Wizardlands. Peek into this Google Doc to join in.

    The new skill trees, in all their incongruous glory. In order: Communism, Banksterism, Egyptian Magic, Magical Law, Paranormal Investigator, and Tourist.

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