New Ark patch adds electric eels, force fields, and tree-climbing lions

Ark's v255 update also includes new hairstyles, of course, and promises improved server performance.

Ark's v254 patch arrived recently, introducing sci-fi inspired gear and gadgets like jetpacks and dino-mounted lasers. Today it will be supplemented with patch v255, which will add impenetrable force fields and and four new dinosaurs, including tree-climbing prehistoric lions and electric eels. Yes, both the forest and the sea have become considerably less safe, so it's a good thing your future-tech is getting a boost to help you cope. You can watch an announcement trailer for the new patch above.

As far as the new dinos go, there's the Electrophorus Beluadomito, a rather large electric eel. "Tribes have been known to capture and tame schools of Electrophorus in order to use them for taking down larger aquatic animals," the patch notes say. There's also Microraptor Gnarilongus, a lizard-like bird (or perhaps it's a bird-like lizard),  Ammonitina Multiamicus, a giant, bile-filled nautilus, and Thylacoleo Furtimorsus, also known as the "marsupial lion," which you can see scaling trees and eating survivors in the trailer.

The patch also promises 30+ new Explorer notes, improved server performance, and the option to set a cap on how many dinosaurs a tribe can tame. The cap is 500, which sounds like an ample amount, but as I personally have trouble managing my seven dinos as it is, I may not be the best to judge.

Below, some screens. The patch will arrive today.


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