Edge of Space appears on Steam, pay £8 to get Early Access to the sci-fi sandbox

Tom Sykes at

In-development indie sandbox Edge of Space is now on the edge of Steam, having recently moved into the sketchy, slightly rough suburb known as Steam Early Access. It's sort of like a sci-fi Terraria - not to be confused with that other sci-fi Terraria - featuring mechs, jetpacks, rocketsharks, octocats, and other creatures that probably shouldn't be. You can buy your way into the beta for £7.99/$11.99, shaving a few dollarpounds off the eventual $14.99 launch price.

The current version of Edge of Space boasts an open-world single-player sandbox, pets, crafting and a bunch of other stuff, while multiplayer, modding, terraforming, vehicles, um "gas dynamics" and more are promised by the time the game launches for realsies. Edge of Space was recently greenlit, and now it has fulfilled its destiny. Hooray! Here's a trailer from a little while ago: