Primal Carnage wants you to Get to the Chopper in free DLC

Omri Petitte at

Primal Carnage T-rex

Lukewarm Media announced today the first DLC for its outrageous multiplayer dino-thon Primal Carnage, craftily titled "Get to the Chopper," breaks out of its cage later this month. Presumably lacking musclebound Austrians politely reminding you to board flying contraptions naow, Get to the Chopper nevertheless adds a new mode for hungry, hungry dinosaurs and tiny, tiny humans to roar and Wilhelm scream at each other, respectively.

Like Left 4 Dead, Get to the Chopper tasks humans with barreling down a linearly constructed path to an awaiting chopper at the end. Instead of special infected, the opposing team fields a dino defense in the hopes of stopping escapes by way of impromptu human snacks. The mode's design certainly affords great tug-of-war moments through ambushes and coordination, especially during the last panic-filled moments of the homestretch after locking sights on your escape. Unlike Left 4 Dead, dinosaurs aren't as smelly as zombies. We think.