No PC version of Curiosity: 22 Cans "snowed under" by swamped servers

Omri Petitte at


If you squint just right, a keyboard forms the perfect chisel. Sort of. It's certainly versatile enough for chipping tiny cube-sized holes upon a gargantuan cube edifice, and as Diablo taught us, rapid clicking only strengthens our flexor digitorum. Yes, we just looked that up. Still, Peter Molyneux's multiplayer snick-sim won't appear on the PC anytime soon. Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the 22 Cans founder cited strained servers devouring the majority of the small studio's manpower as the culprit behind staving a possible PC port.

"We would love to do a PC version," Molyneux said. "But we are currently snowed under by the number of people using the Curiosity experiment (coming up to 1 million) in a few days. This is pushing our servers to the limit. We are currently all surviving on less than three hours sleep a night. I guess if we could find a publisher who could take on the work of a PC version we could consider it."

Molyneux didn't elaborate whether his 21 remaining can-shaped social experiments shares a similar PC-averting fate or, more importantly, what's hiding beneath the cube's blasted obsidian surface. We must know. It will...complete us.