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The 50 best Skyrim mods

Tom Hatfield at

New Equipment

Immersive Armour


There are a lot of good armour mods available on the Skyrim Nexus, but there are a lot of bad ones too. Thankfully Hothtrooper has taken the time to sift through the over the top spikefests and gleaming chain bikinis and bring you a huge collection of great looking lore friendly armour, including some he made himself. The armours are then sorted and assigned to various NPCs and randomised loot lists throughout the game. You can even turn individual armours on and off through the mod configuration menu (you did install Sky UI, right?) giving you full control over what items actually appear in your game. Nice work Hoth, now could you implement something similar for the (less well curated) Immersive Weapons? Ta.


Original: Nexus, Steam
Dawnguard: Nexus, Steam

Fancy installing some extra storage on your plate mail? Then Bandoliers is the mod for you. It adds a whole range of pouches, belts, potion holders and water bottles that can be stuck on top of whatever clothes you’re wearing in several configurations, boosting the variety of armours no end and giving you the look of a serious adventurer equipped for a long journey. But it’s mostly for playing dress up. I love playing dress up.

Warmonger Armoury


Warmonger Armoury is another compilation mod, this time by Batmanna. It adds a ton of great looking new armour, clothing and weapons to the game, including some using DLC equipment (something Immersive Armour lacks). Once again these items are carefully distributed around the world, given to specific NPCs and added to randomised equipment lists. It lacks the fancy configuration options of Immersive Armours, but the designs are every bit as good. I recommend installing both.

Wearable Lanterns


If you’re using some of the lighting mods I recommended earlier you’ll notice that nighttime is Skyrim has gotten much darker. Spells and torches can help, but warriors who want to use their off-hand are out of luck. Chesko’s Wearable Lantern mod sorts out this problem, letting you clip a light source to your belt, front or rear. Companions can also carry the lanterns, and will automatically douse them when you enter sneak mode, acting as your own portable night light.

Unique Uniques


Skyrim is full of unique items with fascinating lore behind them, but unfortunately very few of them have the looks to go with their backstory. InsanitySorrow’s Unique Uniques adds new textures and meshes for several of the game’s most characterful weapons, giving you a great excuse to bust out Dragonbane again.