Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 1: 1066 - 1076 A.D.

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A wife wisely chosen

April 1, 1072: Though initially taken as a fool's prank, it is discovered that another of Murchad's bannermen is actually quite dead. Lord Mayor Ragnvald has passed in the night to natural causes, at 51. His lands and titles are inherited by Lord Mayor Skofte, a 36-year-old Norwegian who is not a big fan of Duke Murchad.

Ragnvald had a 6-year-old son, Olav, but apparently Lord Mayor is not a hereditary title. My new bannerman, Lord Mayor Skofte of Ormond, is an indulgent man: slothful, ill-tempered, cynical, and prone to arbitrary decisions. Despite this, he is a temperate soul and in possession of a genius intellect, far above most men. I send the new Lord Mayor a gift of gold and grant him Ragnvald's honorary title of Cupbearer to start off on the right foot.

As to Ragnvald's seat on my council, I give the title of Court Chaplain back to its original holder: Bishop Fogartach of Killaloe.

Later in the month, a marriage is arranged between Duke Murchad's half-brother Conchobar, brother to the late Lorcán, and Lorcán's widow, Ingebjørg. The two have bonded in mutual grief over Lorcán's death, and the Duke supports their desire to be wed wholeheartedly.

June 11, 1072: Earl Áed of Breifne dies of an illness at 32, and County Breifne is inherited by his 3-year-old firstborn daughter, Der-Lugdach. The girl is betrothed to Amalgaid, son of Duke Murchad of Munster, making it apparent that the ruling houses of Breifne and Munster will be merged when the two are wed. Breifne comes under the stewardship of Flaithbertach macRuaidri, the late Áed's spymaster.

Three cheers for arranged marriage! This is exactly the kind of long-term play you aim for in CK2, but the inheritance is far from assured. A number of things could go wrong. First, Der-Lugdach could die before she and Amalgaid are wed, which would leave House ua Brian with no claim. Second, the Breifneans might fail to recognize Amalgaid as their lord, in which case a war would be necessary to bring them to heel. And thirdly, if Amalgaid and his wife inherit Breifne, and I die, they may elect not to accept Brian, my successor, as their liege. This would pit brother against brother in a succession war for Breifne's independence from the Duchy of Munster, which is a little more family drama than I'd like to indulge in.

October 30, 1072: Lord Mayor Skofte wishes to take his predecessor's council seat as Duke Murchad's Court Chaplain. Bishop "Syphilis" Fogartach is doing an awful job, so the Duke consents.

I have more to gain from being on good terms with the lord of my most important vassalage than some poxy priest who isn't that great at his job anyway. It's seemingly becoming a tradition that the Lord Mayor of Ormond is also my Cupbearer and Court Chaplain.