Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 1: 1066 - 1076 A.D.

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Joy and tragedy

September 24, 1069: Duke Murchad's first grandson is born to Brian and Sigrid, named Murchad after his grandfather. He is of a similar age with his uncles Donnchad and Amalgaid, and the three babes spend much time in one another's company.

As Brain's heir, little Murchad, is now third in line to rule my lands, so I will have to consider his betrothal extremely carefully. None of the currently available options meet my standards, so for now, he shall remain promised to none.

1070: A year of peace, prosperity, and few events of note for House ua Brian.

January 2, 1071: A daughter, Ben-Míde, is born to Duke Murchad's half-nephew, Concobar macLorcán. She is betrothed to the three-year-old Baron Stigand of Richmond, a Saxon whose rightful lands are currently under the oversight of a Lord Protector after the death of his father.

February 9, 1071: Great tragedy strikes House ua Brian. The duke's second son, Donnchad, dies of natural causes before his fourth birthday.

Alas, the death of the very young was not at all uncommon in the Middle Ages. I've lost a son before he came of age, and his betrothal (upon which stood my claim to County Leinster) is broken. I can only hope that young Amalgaid and my grandson Murchad have much longer lives ahead of them.

July 8, 1071: A second son is born to Brian and Sigrid, named Énna. In the space of months, Duke Murchad has lost a son, but gained a grandson.

Brian now has "an heir and a spare," as the saying goes. My line is quite secure for the moment. While little Murchad still lacks a match, I feel comfortable lowering my standards for Énna as he is not my heir's heir apparent. I choose Earl Áed of Breifne's newborn daughter, strengthening my claim on Breifne. Amalgaid and Énna, uncle and nephew, are now betrothed to two sisters of House Ruairc.

August 17, 1071: Mayor Dúngal of Limerick dies of syphilis.

What is it with my bannermen and syphilis? Clothe your mast, that's all I'm saying, jeez...

Anyway, the good mayor had no sons, so a new mayor is elected in his place: a lowborn man named Máel-Mádóc, winner of the most recent Munster Áccént Márk Fáíré. He is an intricate webweaver and an able soldier, paranoid, short-tempered, and shy. Though, to his credit, he is also quite charitable.

November 14, 1071: Murchad's hapless cousin and chancellor Toirrdelbach outlives another wife, as Sisuile dies of an illness at the mere age of 20.

Wow, it is not fun times to be this guy. I married him to a young courtier as a reward for his service and to keep him happy in his old age, and she keeled over before he did.