Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 1: 1066 - 1076 A.D.

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On the march

March, 1067: After chasing them across the countryside, Duke Murchad's armies finally catch up with those of Earl Muiredach and force a confrontation at the Battle of Nenagh.

Freaking FINALLY! I've been dogging these craven fools in a circle around Southern Ireland for months. The AI clearly knows they can't beat my main force, but if I leave them alone, they'll just go back to besieging Waterford. I was eventually able to juke them into a battle in Ormond. Muiredach has also called in fresh levies, but it's only 34 more men.

April, 1067: Victory! The Battle of Nenagh concludes in a decisive win for Munster. 124 Desmondian pretenders, nearly half of Muiredach's army, are killed. Only 36 of Duke Murchad's loyal men are lost. Muiredach flees South to regroup with his meager reinforcements, but Murchad is close on his heels.

On the 26th of the month, Murchad catches up to the wavering Desmondians, forcing them to turn and fight on their own soil at the Battle of Cloyne.

May 4, 1067: The day is won at Cloyne upon the fragrant fields of spring. Five traitors are slain for every one of Murchad's loyal men, leaving less that 100 Desmondians to flee into the hills. The siege of Dunasead is resumed, as Duke Murchad knows that the earl's remaining forces are too few to threaten any of his holdings.

For a siege to be effective, you need to have more men outside the castle than inside. Even with my levies raised, all of my holds now have more defenders than troops Muiredach has left. There is essentially nothing he can do now. Dunasead will fall, and my claim will be complete.

July, 1067: Duchess Alfhild is found to be pregnant, bringing much joy to House ua Brian.

Near mid-month, the defenders at Dunasead attempt to sally forth and break the Munsterian siege. They are unsuccessful, and many are cut down.

This will be the first of three sallies. The second comes on the 15th of September, marking the one year anniversary of the Munsterian-Desmondian War. It is slightly more successful, but fails to break the siege all the same. It is followed by a final sally in November, which is even less effective than the first.

December 8, 1067: Dunasead falls to Murchad as a brutal winter sets in, after seven months of siege.

I now occupy County Desmond, but it won't be officially mine until Earl Muiredach officially surrenders. The chances of him doing so are based on my warscore (see page 2), which is already well over 40 percent, and will steadily climb the longer I occupy the territory.

Time to clean up Muiredach and what remains of his 90-some glorified bandits!