Razer reveals new Blade laptop

Adam Oxford at

Over at PAX this last weekend, Razer has been showing off a new version of its Blade laptop. Named the Blade R2 – for obvious reasons, and not to differentiate it from a disappointing Daywalker flick. It's physically identical to the original, but with updated insides and a lower price tag.

There's still no news on whether or not it will be available outside of the US, however.

The Blade R2 is a 17.3inch machine notable for standing just 2cm high, with a 1080p screen and a unique keyboard/touchscreen hybrid facing it. Over on the right hand side, the numberpad has been replaced by a multitouch screen and set of 10 LCD buttons for customisable macros.

Razer has developed this concept further with the Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard and the Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard, which have the same design for desktop. Developers can add in-game tools and contextual display modes for the screen using Razer's “Switchblade UI” toolkit.

Although I never got hands on with a Blade (for the aforementioned US-only reason) it was a bit underwhelming first time round, notably because of its GeForce GT555M graphics and $2800 price tag. Cheers all round, then that it's now $2500 and has a GPU with more than double the processing – the GeForce GT640M – and an Ivy Bridge quad core CPU to go with it. Still pricey, but a lot more enticing.

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