Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 3 (520 A.D. to 1450 A.D.)

T.J. Hafer at

Attacked from all sides

1110 A.D.: As the last Woad March liberates occupied Nottingham, a vast, Russian army crosses the Celtic border from the South. French troops wait to the East of the Russian lines, but do not make any moves to engage.

Well, crap. Apparently I was wrong not to fear the Russians. Having sent about a third of my army up North, they have me very outnmubered—but we are fighting on my home turf, near my most defensible, early-game cities. I honestly have no idea what the French are doing. They could be here to help either side. The fact that they let the Russian army get this far is not a good sign.

1120 A.D.: The Russian army is nearly exterminated by Celtic troops with a superior knowledge of the terrain, and quick supply lines to the capital. Russia signs a peace treaty almost immediately.

The same year, French troops turn on the Celts and beseige Nantes, having waited all this time for the Russians to wear down the defenders. Lead by the Duke of Orleans, the Orleanian Invasion brings the greatest threat the Celts have ever faced to their doorstep.

If I was outnumbered in the conflict with the Russians, this situation requires a new word. The French army rivals the size of the Russian force and the German horde that attacked me in the 8th century combined. I'll be honest with you: this may be game over. I might be able to hold onto Celtic Britain, but if I lose all of my developed cities in the Celtic heartland, my chances of achieving any of Civ's victory conditions before the time limit of 2050 A.D. are out the window.

The skies are grey with clouds and the smoke of French camp fires, but the rain does not come. It is a grim day. Blackbirds circle the skies above the forests and meadows, waiting to descend on the fallen...