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Dead End Thrills Syndicate

Today we've seen Hawken's stompy walking tanks take on the first screenshots of Mechwarrior Tactics in a battle to see who can get the most people excited that it's apparently 1995 again. It's 1995 again! I'm off to trademark 'Google'.

Elsewhere in PC gaming news, teenage John Romero writes a letter to Jordan Mechner, a new Dragon Age II patch emerges from the smoke and embers, and Ubisoft take you through the 'Future' bit of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. All this and more after the jump.

  • Today's header image is once again courtesy of Dead End Thrills.
  • Listen to a man explain Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's gadgets and gizmos, which include drones, cloaking devices, and the ability to fall through skylights like Batman.
  • The February edition of the Unreal Development Kit beta is now available.
  • have interviewed Robert Briscoe, the man behind Dear Esther's revamped environments.
  • A new Dragon Age II patch has fixed Aveline's vibrating head, among other issues.
  • 17-year-old John Romero writes a fan letter to Prince of Persia/Karateka creator Jordan Mechner.
  • This unofficial GW2 tool lets you play with the game's unique skill-slotting system.
  • Paradox have announced the Mount & Blade Collection, gathering all of the games in the series into one package.
  • The new Sniper Elite V2 killcam video shows a man being mean to a truck in slow motion.

How are you planning to take advantage of the backwards time jump, readers?