Star Wars Galaxies closure detailed by Sony Online Entertainment

Henry Winchester at


Sci-fi MMO Star Wars Galaxies’ servers will close on 15 December at 9PM PST (1PM GMT), according to a post on the game's official forum, and reported by VG247. The Galactic Civil War will end 24 hours earlier, with various battles and events ocurring during the morning of 15 December.

It’s been a grand intergalactic journey for Star Wars Galaxies - the game's been up and running since 2003, and eight years certainly isn’t a bad lifespan for an MMO. In that time it’s had three expansions, a spin-off trading card game and a novelisation. It also survived the Sony Online Entertainment mega-hack that occurred earlier this year.

Part of its closure is undoubtedly down to BioWare and EA’s upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic. The fact that Star Wars Galaxies has been online for such a long time casts doubt on Activision head Bobby Kotick’s claims that The Old Republic won’t be able to sustain its Lucasfilm licence fees.