And in other PC gaming news...

Tom Hatfield at!

Skyrim's graphics settings sure are versatile aren't they? Push them one way and you get a game of incredible beauty, push it another and you get... this. Spotted by GameSetWatch, this video by Household Gamer has been dubbed 'TF2 mode' by some and 'Runescape mode' by others. It's actually pretty cool in a low tech way. Makes want to spawn unlimited dragons in it. Cute, cartoony dragons.

Check inside for adorably textureless PC gaming news.

  • Kotaku say a Borderlands novel will be released tomorrow. I'm not sure how a Borderlands novel would read, maybe it's just a list of guns?
  • Shacknews announce that Murder, She Wrote 2 is coming in 2012. I'm sure you're all excited.
  • Kotaku collects a gallery of the horrors of character creator abuse from NeoGAF.
  • Battlenet has the latest Diablo 3 patch notes.
  • ComingSoon say the new Tomb Raider movie will be a 'character piece'. Hmmn.

What do you think readers? High tech or stylised?