And in other PC gaming news...

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A beard competition you say? Well PC gamer comes prepared for that, and while I myself may have recently shaved, my hirsute companions will give even Blizzard a run for their money. Perhaps we should start a PCBeard contest? No shaving until the giant sized issue 232 is out. The reader with the most impressive beard on that day will win a free game from Tom's Wonderful Drawer of Left Over Competition Prizes. Get growing lads!

Check inside for luxurious, flowing PC gaming news.

  • Buinesswire lets us know we can own limited edition Call of Duty 'gaming eyewear'... er... great.
  • CVG report that Kanye West is going to headline the Call of Duty xp event.
  • The Battlefield 3 forum has details on dedicated servers.
  • Eurogamer report that Skyrim will have same sex marriage.
  • That Videogame Blog has a Prey 2 trailer with developer commentary.
  • NowGamer report that Mass Effect 3 will contain a 'failure ending'; if you're not good enough, the reapers win.
  • CVG have a new Need for Speed trailer.
  • The EB Games Australia facebook page says that if you kill someone in Skyrim, their family might try and avenge them.
  • There's a NASA MMO soliciting for donations on Kickstarter.

Readers! Which of the PC Gamer staff has the best beard?