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Hitman pie for Murdoch 1

The world was shocked today when Rupert Murdoch was attacked with a shaving foam pie during an MPs' hearing. PC Gamer have been investigating the incident thoroughly, and we believe we have a photograph of the assailant. He apparently blended in the crowd before striking, his bald head and bar code tattoo allowing him to flawlessly pass as a member of the catering staff. Parliamentary security explained the breach, saying "He was wearing the right clothes, there's no way we could tell!"

Check inside for a round up of the day's gaming news.

  • Ever wondered what it takes to win a £850 PC from PC Gamer? Dan Parkes won PCG 226's 'Riff Rifts' competition and kindly put his track on youtube.
  • Reddit draws our attention to this Team Fortress 2 arcade demake.
  • Edmund McMillen's blog has some details on The Binding of Isaac.
  • BluesNews say an Aion update is on the way.
  • Steam has details of the latest Brink patch.
  • Game Informer interview the creators of Dishonored.
  • CVG say NCSoft will have a 'world exclusive' reveal for GamesCom.
  • Gamasutra report that Irrational founder Jon Chey is starting a new studio called Blue Manchu, and is announcing a game called Card Hunter.
  • Joystiq have a round up of the WoW patch 4.2 hotfixes.

Tell us readers, who would you hire Agent 47 to go after?