And in other PC gaming news...

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Tim Schafer has pitched to a lot of executives in his time, but this one looks like a really tough cookie. He's dealt with Activision and EA, but now he's in the big leagues, meeting with the Cookie Monster. "Zombies kinda 2007?" Hasn't Mr Monster seen Dead Island? Still, Tim comes out on top in the end with a characteristically unusual idea. He works hard too, he's already got a tech demo running.

Check inside for a round up of PC gaming news that doesn't involve muppets.

  • Edge report that Day[9] has organised a Starcraft II tournament between Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yelp and Zynga. Who's your money on?
  • Notch tweets that the Minecraft Adventure Update will be playable at PAX.
  • Codemasters tell CVG they think UK developers should work more closely together to combat competition from overseas.
  • Eurogamer say the massive Darkfall 2.0 update may wipe characters for current players of the MMO.
  • A redditor notes that Dell have a suspiciously familiar logo on their website.
  • IGN has thirty minutes of Deus Ex:Human Revolution footage.

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