And in other PC gaming news...

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Today in the office Owen and I went head to head at lunchtime in Frozen Synapse to decide who between us is the VERY BEST AT EVERYTHING. You can find out the answer in the match above. I control the awesome red guys and Owen's bossing the snotty green dudes.

We'll have a rematch soon enough, that's for sure. But what else has been happening in PC gaming today? Find out, in this week's final edition of And in other PC gaming news...

  • There’s going to be a new Creatures game.
  • Eurogamer have some images of the upcoming Section 8 DLC pack, out this week on XBLA, hopefully headed to PC soon.
  • There’s some new Battlefield 3 in-game footage hidden in the latest edition of PWNED.
  • New Dragon Age 2 artwork teases possible DLC, or could it be Dragon Age 3?
  • Also on CVG, Modern Warfare 3 survival spec ops mode gets detailed.
  • CD Projekt explain why the Witcher 2 patch was so huge for some people.
  • The Old Republic Trooper Class gets a video.
  • There's a superb Far Cry deal on Steam now.
  • Remember Homefront? It's getting some DLC.
  • Not to miss out on the DLC bandwagon, the new Dawn of War 2: Retribution patch adds some, along with a load of balance fixes.

There has been a ton of DLC announcements today, from Dawn of War 2 Retribution, Homefront and Section 8 above to the release of the new Shogun 2 pack earlier. What do you think of these mini-bite addons, do you think they're a good idea? Or would you rather pay for something more substantial, like an expansion? Let us know in the comments.