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Prey 2 City Concept

It really seems as though Human Head have made a brand new game, and then decided to stick a "Prey 2" name on it. If you read Graham's Prey 2 preview, you'll find it bears almost no connection to the first game. Luckily, this brand new game masquerading as a sequel sounds pretty damn interesting in its own right.

We hope to go killing with Killian at this year's E3, which is approaching fast. We'll hopefully get a closer look at Torchlight 2 at this year's conference, too. It looks as though Runic are determined to expand the game in every direction.

It's time for today's dose of daily PC gaming news, including more on the new Carmageddon game, Alpha Protocol 2 news and a new rumoured Arkham City villian. Before all that, it's time for a Monday Minecraft rave!

Notch mentioned the video above on Twitter. It's made by the guys behind the Control Point TF2 podcast, who now do a Minecraft one called The Shaft.

  • RPS remind us that the unique time travelling RTS Archon still exists. Blimey.
  • The Battlefield 3 "physical warfare pack" is the first of many Battlefield pre-order deals that'll start popping up soon. This one adds extra guns, and thankfully doesn't add any actual physical warfare.
  • Brink should get an update this week, say the mighty Bethblog.
  • More Fifa 12 screenshots have leaked.
  • Obsidian say they would be up for making an Alpha Protocol 2, which is good news. The combat was pants, but Alpha Protocol's branching story was rather good. Also: spies!
  • Another FEAR 3 trailer. I wonder if you queued up all of the FEAR 3 trailers, would they last longer than the game itself?
  • The Penguin could feature in Arkham City.
  • The new Carmageddon game could be an indie remake.
  • An internal Activision memo documents the company's response to the Modern Warfare 3 leak.

Today in the PC Gamer office, the search continues for a mascot animal, and Owen set up two brand new Brink servers! Do you have Brink? You should totally fight us on: Port: 27115 for Objective matches, and Port: 27215 for Stopwatch.

Alternatively, just search for PC Gamer in the browser.

See you on the Ark.