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Section 8 Prejudice

Blimey, look at all that news. Creative Assembly are working on the next Total War game, we got the first in-game footage of Dead Island and some new screenshots, got an advanced peak at the Firelands raid for World of Warcraft, and about a billion other things, including more from Bioware on how your past Mass Effect choices will impact your adventure in the sequel. We even threw in a Witcher 2 competition for good measure.

What's that, you want MORE news? Challenge accepted! Why, here's your daily list of everything that's been happening in PC gaming today, with a few comedy extras.

  • Playing with perspective in Garry's mod.
  • Best game theme ever, played on wooden instrument. Here's a more shadowy video of the same chap.
  • It's the first Renegade Ops trailer!
  • Here's a map of all of Half-Life 2. Ravenholm is tiny! We should have just turned right out of Kleiner's lab.
  • RPS have news that Amnesia is free to play on OnLive. The potato sack DLC will also be added to the game for free.
  • Develop have a really interesting interview with Brenda Brathwaite about the progress of social games, and why her favourite game ever is Ghost Recon.
  • Square Enix are holding "exclusive content" for Deus Ex: Human Revolution hostage until they get enough likes on Facebook.
  • CD Projekt confirm that the Witcher 2 DLC will be free.
  • Speaking of the Witcher 2, there was concern from fans that the game might be using SecureRom. Valve say that's not the case.
  • Dragon Age: Legends is getting an update.

Today in the PC Gamer UK office, Owen lost his lunch time to Games for Windows Live. All he wanted to do was drop from orbit and crush a man in Section 8: Prejudice, but the GfWL gods decided it was not to be. Owen was distraught. "RAAARGH!" he said. Tell us what you think about Games for Windows Live in the comments below. Go on, let it all out.