Just look at it: Radeon 6990 defies sense, reason, benchmarks

Tim Edwards at

Radeon 2

According to benchmarks and reviews released after the embargo lifted last night, the Radeon 6990 is the fastest consumer graphics card in the world right now. It's also a depressingly brute force solution to a problem no-one had: how to squeeze two Radeon 6970's into one PCI slot. The answer: with solder, giant fans, and no hint of shame.

There's no question it's fast: Techradar are calling it "the world's fastest graphics card". But it's also going on sale for $700/£550 and it's approximately as noisy as a Chinook. It's during moments like these when the only option available is to throw your hands to the sky and scream "WHY! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. WHAT ARE YOU WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND."

Any super-hardcore PC builders planning to buy one? Care to explain "WHY! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!"