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Where is my mouse? Since joining PC Gamer I've realised how much fun researching and purchasing high-quality PC peripherals can be. Turns out it's a hell of a lot of fun. Lovely, bankrupting fun. You know what I mean right?

But where is my mouse? I ordered a SteelSeries Xai from Amazon yesterday, and paid extra for next-day delivery so I could fiddle with it in work, but it's not arrived. Now I feel sad and empty.

Anyway, enough venting from me. We know what you came for: a dose of the finest PC gaming medicine we can muster. Oh, and let me know which mouse, keyboard and headset you guys use in the comments. I'm actually genuinely interested.

  • Awesome GLaDOS personality sphere plushies.
  • Cool new blog catalogues game designer's sketches and doodles.
  • Round up of the best Experimental Gameplay entries for the 'Inanimate' themed competition.
  • Poor Canada. Will they get to download big games ever again?
  • This Hearts of Iron 3 dev diary is worth a watch.
  • Ed Stern wants Brink players to feel Deus Ex-style uncertainty. Will we or won't we?
  • Study suggests gamers are rubbish drivers. Good at games though.
  • Developer talks about the visual upgrades in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  • Derek Smart just announced his new game. It’s an MMO called Line of Defense.
  • Craig found this yesterday. Turns out the rocket launcher in Half-Life 2 is back to front ZOMG.

In office-based news, Tom and Graham spent lunch playing the first Supreme Commander. It's a lot easier to play multiplayer if you're on the same network. Ed has been sampling Battleground 2, and Tim and I have been playing Starcraft II online. We got cheesed by a cannon rush, only they weren't cannons, they were Spine Crawlers.

Yes - feel our shame.