25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Jaz McDougall at


Fallout: New Vegas is good. Is it perfect? No. In hardcore mode, the rate at which you die from thirst isn't high enough. I demand to die faster! Luckily, there's a mod for that. In fact, there are lots of mods. There are tweaks that alter the weight of scrap metal, there are difficulty mods that turn you into a wimp and jack up your foes until they hit like a sack of broken glass, there are mods that turn this or that female companion into that girl from Code Geass, and there's even a mod that makes stimpaks weigh more than you could possibly carry.

Most of them suck, though. Here are twenty five that don't.

These mods are the best of the bunch. Some are delightful departures from the New Vegas you know, others will become an essential part of your wasteland wandering, and one or two just make it prettier. You can't use them all together, but you can use most. To install them, download the archives and empty them into your Data folder – find it in Steam\Steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\.

1. Centred third person camera

Why did Bethesda give us the weird over-the-shoulder cam in Fallout 3? Why didn't Obsidian get rid of it for New Vegas? We may never know. Probably because they imagined players actually trying to take aim and fire in third person mode, which is insane. Third person is for screenshots and lightsaber fights - we've known that since Jedi Knight 2! Fortunately, every time a developer does this, one of the lovely modder people undoes it.

This mod also lets you zoom all the way out. How far? All of the far, that's how far.

2. Black Company improved perks

A whole slew of balanced, interesting perks. It comes in two flavours – both are available at any level, but require you to meet certain criteria. In the first version, you need to have high abilities – those are the things you pick at the start and can only occasionally increase. The second version is identical, but requires you to meet skill point thresholds instead. They’re all wonderfully inventive and cover a wide range of interests and specialist player archetypes left out in the cold by Obsidian’s vanilla perks.

Bear in mind that I've maxed intelligence here too.

3. Better tag skills

This tweak doubles the bonus your character gets at the start of the game for tagging his or her three starter skills. These tag skills are intended as a reflection of your character's past experiences and aptitudes before they ended up left for dead in a shallow grave. If you max out Strength and tag Melee Weapons, you'll get a skill of 50. Not bad at all.

4. Kill the karma sounds

Okay, so I killed a guy, and I've spent the last five minutes picking through his belongings. I'm ashamed of myself. I need help. What I don't need is some annoying string section blaring at me every time I happen to put a kitchen knife into a guy's back and strip his body of clothes and valuables and then start chopping bits off of him for fun. This mod gets rid of the noise and text pop-up that annoys you while you're doing these horrible, unspeakable things.

Tricky uninstall alert!
This mod works by overriding the karma noises with empty files. There's no esp file to delete, and instead you'll have to delete the relevant sound files that you've installed. The readme is kind enough to explain which ones. Wouldn't it be nice if they were all zipped up in a bsa file? Wouldn't it just.

These questions frustrated the hell out of me.

5. Bigger barter and dialogue windows

The barter window is an important window. There, you'll discover that you can finally buy a fancy business suit to complete the Agent 47 impression. You'll discover that hollowpoint rounds are so hot right now. You'll discover that you don't have enough caps to buy the bottle of dirty water that'll save you from your imminent death. This mod makes the barter and dialogue windows bigger, so you can spend less time paddling around looking for the stimpaks, and more time despairing because you can only afford two of them.